Marketing Services

Creative Online and Offline Ideas for your brand

Over the years, we have managed to understand how to handle different brands in different industries. This experience has made us creative in how we deliver our services. From creating logos, choosing brand colors, slogans and marketing your brand, be sure we will be creative enough to deliver the best solutions. 

Strategic Brand Management

We help your business in planning, implementing and controlling marketing programs and activities. To build, measure and manage brand equity. Our package involves four stages.

Brand Positioning

We help to design your company’s image in customers mind. We make sure there is a clear understanding of what the brand is to represent and how it should be positioned with respect to competitors.

Brand Marketing

We help in planning and implementing brand marketing programs. We do this through our Social Media, Branding and Web Design services. This way we able to cover both online and offline markets.

Brand Analysis

We have a set of research procedure designed to provide timely, accurate and actionable information for marketers so that they can make best decision in short run and best strategic decision in long run. We make marketers understand the effects of brand marketing programs by measuring and interpreting brand awareness.

Brand Equity

We help in managing brand within the context of other brands as well as multiple categories over time and across multiple market segments.

Digital marketing 

As a Marketing Agency, Jebilton Ventures, engages in marketing brands by leveraging online marketing tactics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management (SMM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). 



We help improve the ranking of your company’s website or page when a prospect searches for specific keywords online related to the services you provide or goods you sell.



We create, schedule, analyze and engage with content posted on all your social media platforms.



We create and share online content through all social networks. Whichever Social Media platform you are in or desire to be in, we will position your organization, brand or business strategically then use content marketing and sharing to promote you.